Besides being the healthiest material, porcelain is the one which is most similar to tooth enamel.

However until a few years ago, in order to resist against heavy mastication pressures porcelain was not used alone but on top of a metal support and infrastructure.

In opposition to tooth enamel which is transparent, the metal supported porcelain crowns sometimes looked dull and superficial due to the opaque nature of metal and caused grey areas along the gingival edges.

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

Porcelain without metal support - Porcelain with metal support

On the other hand due to their light transmittence nature, full porcelain (without metal support) restorations give perfect esthetic results. Due to the ‘depth’ and ‘vitality’ effect that they provide, it is very hard to distinguish them from natural teeth.

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

Porcelain crowns with zirconium substructure and without metal support in upper incisor teeth

There are numerous porcelain materials utilized for porcelain restorations without metal support. In accordance with clinical results two of these materials become prominent.


They are produced by pressing under high pressure and are suitable for maximum three members giving a chance to work only at the front area. They can resist a pressure of 6 tons per cm2.

Porcelains with Zirconium infrastructure:

Just like a diamond, they are both powerful and esthetic.

They are obtained by using zirconium instead of metal for the infrastructure with porcelain over it. They can resist a pressure of 9.5 tons.

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

The cross section of a crown with zirconium substructure and porcelain upperstructure

Zirconium is an element which is resistant against high temperatures and impacts, light in weight, doesn’t transmit heat and electricity, but transmits light. Besides it is a healthy material which doesn’t cause malodor, taste disorders and gingival problems.

The success of this material has been proven in medicine and industry. Zirconium is used in the heat shield of space shuttles, in the brake bolts of Porsche cars and in orthopaedic implants. Although it is extremely durable, on the other hand it is also elegant and esthetic.

As a result of the investigations which started in 1998, this material was at the service of worldwide clinical use at the beginning of 2002.

This infrastructure which is an ultimate technology product is the only material presenting both esthetics and durability.

The biggest advantage of the system is that it isn’t only suitable for the front area but thanks to its high resistance also for the back areas where the chewing pressure is extremely elevated.

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

Porcelain crown with zirconium substructure on the first molar teeth

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

Porcelain bridge with zirconium substructure on the second premolar, first and second molars of the right lower jaw

With this application, all esthetic worries of the patient resulting from metal-ceramic and full ceramic restorations are eliminated.

The usage of zirconium in dentistry is one of the latest revolutionary advancements.

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

The unique esthetic success of zirconium results from its light transmittence nature

Cenap Adaş Zirkonyum Kron ve Köprüler

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