It is believed that dentistry will mainly concentrate on the study of implants during the 21st century.

The outstanding advantages of the implants are that they form the best alternative to natural missing teeth, that they provide better speech and mastication properties in comparison to removable dentures with being more esthetic.

What is a tooth implant?

Tooth implants are specially produced artificial tooth roots manufactured for replacing missing teeth.

Implant applications are being consulted increasingly when there are numerous missing teeth. Implant applications create an ideal solution in cases of single, regional or complete mouth teeth losses.

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

Today, there are implants on which research has been done for more than 40 years. As technology advances, new materials are introduced every day making it possible for the implant technology to develop.

An implant can be applied to any individual whose overall health is fine. But it is not suitable for young patients whose bone development has not been completed.

In order for the teeth implants to be long lasting, the alveolar bone should have a definite thickness and dimension.

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

Implant applications consist of two phases:

- Surgical phase
- Superstructural phase

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

The operation of placing the tooth implant into the alveolar bone is performed under anesthesia, so the patient doesn’t feel any kind of pain during this procedure. The faint discomfort that the patient might feel after the placement of the implant can be avoided by simple pain relievers and it has been observed that this pain does not differ from that of an extracted tooth.

After the implants have been placed in the alveolar bone there is a waiting period of 2-6 months. This interval is necessary for the implant to biologically intertwine with the alveolar bone. This incorporation is called "osseointegration".

After this interval, it is time for the second phase, namely the construction of the superstructure. During this phase, a prosthesis is made on the implant which is completely united with the alveolar bone. Although different numbers and types of prostheses can be made, this phase is completed in about one week.

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

Single tooth implant application

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

Implant applications in two lateral incisor teeth

Maintenance of implants

After the implants have been applied, maintenance of its hygiene by the patient should be regarded as part of the treatment. When we consider that implants are actually foreign materials, it should be clear that their maintenance, cleansing and control should be made more carefully than natural teeth. This whole procedure which is dependent on the prosthesis constructed on the implant will be explained to you by your dentist.

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Prosthetic options over implants

There are different prosthetic options which can be applied over implants and they can vary according to the situation as removable or fixed. Contrary to the misconception among the community, there doesn’t have to be an implant for every single missing tooth. Most of the time, one tooth implant can be used as a support for a dental bridge taking over the duty of two or three teeth. The most suitable prosthesis and implant will be explained by your dentist after thorough examinations and radiographs.

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Concerning the implant operations, no other risk than the ones encountered during ordinary surgical mouth operations are administered. These normal risks are infection and allergic reactions during early phases and afterwards problems that might arise due to poor dental hygiene.

The problems that might be seen during the early phase can be avoided by strictly applying the post surgical rules, as for the later phase these can be minimized by keeping the dental hygiene at the optimum level.

In cases in which the body refuses the implant (according to studies about 3.89%), it can be taken out like a tooth extraction.

After the alveolar bone has healed, either a new implant is reapplied or the area is restored with conventional prosthetic methods.

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Teeth losses in right and left molar areas

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After implant application

Cenap Adaş İmplantlar

After the completion of prosthesis over implants

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