Until recently, the field of interest in dentistry was limited with the elimination of pains within the oral cavity, relieving the patient from pain and restoring the lost chewing process to some extent.

The treatment which was frequently used by former dentists was extraction, "if possible" and "if the tooth was still alive", a filling would be adequate. Placing artificial teeth over the spaces left from the extractions was a sufficient criterion for defining success.

Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği

While accomplishing this task, although esthetics were pursued as much as possible, the main focus was providing functionality. Regarding the front teeth, the main task was to offer estethics, but when it came to back teeth the emphasis was always given to robustness.

For example, although they presented a very unfavourable look, due to their durability under high occlusal pressure, the patients had to be content with amalgam fillings. For many, many years the occlusal surfaces of the dental crowns and bridges had to be made of metal so that they would be solid and not crack. In case of partial dentures, the patients had to settle with the unfavourable look of the hooks which were essential for the adherence of the removable dentures.

Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği

As time passed and technology improved, new developments of which we had never dreamed came to our lives. The new materials and techniques started to be utilized in the field of dentistry which was also subjected to benefit from high technology. Thanks to these developments nowadays we all have the chance to apply these treatments which were formerly unimaginable.

We are no longer condemned to silver colored fillings, nor to ill looking crowns and bridges, nor to prosthetic hooks… The days in which we had to make a choice between esthetics and durability and by necessity had to prefer durability are all left in the past… Nowadays no one is obliged to close his/her mouth with their hands while smiling and just be satisfied with being able to chew.

Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği

Old amalgam fillings are being replaced with composite fillings

New technological developments which also penetrated into the field of dentistry and the development of innovations which previously required extremely high costs gave birth to a new concept named esthetic dentistry.

Thus, both function, esthetic and naturality can be obtained simultaneously. Moreover it gets easier and easier to adapt these concepts to our lives of which we had to make a single choice until recently and never could have imagined of a combined use. Looking from this point of view, all applications aimed at providing health, function, esthetic and coherence are within the domain of esthetic dentistry. In other words, esthetic dentistry has an infinite field of operation commencing from composite fillings to teeth bleaching, from metal supported/non supported porcelain crowns and bridges to reshaping your smile, from porcelain laminates to curing the gums...

Esthetic dentistry is a field in which dentists beyond the idea of making fillings and prescribing medical dressings are active with the aim of pursuing the happiness of their patients when they are facing the mirror...

Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği

The philosophy of esthetic dentistry can be defined as obtaining the most convincing natural teeth set while raising it to the highest standards. The field where we dentists work is a very significant area in which a vital function such as nourishment is provided, a place where our thoughts are poured into words making us the most developed creature of the nature, a place where we express our feelings and a place where we transmit our mental state with our mimics.

In the eyes of an esthetic dentist, the individual is a sensitive as well as a perfect being beyond a grinding machine who is created for exhibiting a healthy beauty with confidence and pride.

In order to express the beauty within the human being, the task of the dentist is to bring perfection to the detail in all by working like a sculptor who admires his art and material.

The issue is beyond whitening and fixing a couple of teeth; it is about giving life to them, giving a character and soul to them, uniting them with their owner.

Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği
Cenap Adaş Estetik Diş Hekimliği

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